• Marjorie Pearson Scholarship: Brittani Rousell from Princeton, ME, attending the University of New England.

  • Jennifer Precopio from Westbrook, ME, attending the University of Southern Maine - $2,500 scholarship.

  • Colton Hall from Farmington, ME, attending Bowdoin College - $1,000 scholarship.

  • Michelle Henaire from Saco, ME, attending the University of Maine Farmington - $1,000 scholarship.

  • Clara Sticklney from Gorham, ME, attending the University of Southern Maine - $1,000 scholarship.

  • Jacques R. Larochelle from Bangor, ME, attending Bowdoin College - $1,000 scholarship.

  • Molly Olsen from Windham, ME, attending the University of Maine Farmington - $1,000 scholarship.

  • Logan Wilson from Corinth, ME, attending Husson College - $1,000 scholarship.


Marjorie Pearson Memorial Scholarship, $1,500
Sara Lyons – University of Maine, Orono, Major: Agriculture, Food Science and Human Nutrition.

Gwendolyn Beacham – University of Maine, Orono, Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology. 
Christopher Gilman, Maine Maritime Academy, Major: Marine Systems Engineering.
Alyssa Carrow – University of Maine, Augusta, Major: Social Science
Siana Schoppee, Husson University, MS: Occupational Therapy and BS: Psychology (5 year program)


First Annual Marjorie Pearson Memorial Scholarship
Samantha Burns – Bowdoin College - Major: English and Gov't and Legal Studies
Samantha is an active rower on Bowdoin's crew team. She is a certified Wilderness first responder, loves music and has studied classical piano for 13 years. Samantha volunteers for the Volunteer Lawyers Project, and hopes to pursue a career in public policy or with a not- for-profit doing public interest work.

Katherine Doyle – University of Maine, Farmington, Major: Elementary Education
Ryan Larochelle – Bowdoin College, Major: French
Jennifer Stauffer – Bowdoin College, Major: Neuroscience
Sarah Sullivan – University of Maine, Major: Communications
Deanna Wilbur – University of Maine, Major: Secondary Education and International Affairs 

Sarah Davis, Hope, University Maine, Farmington
Jing (Jacky) Deng, Houlton, University of Maine, Orono
Jilyan Hendrikson, Brunswick, Bowdoin College
Shaunyce Johnson, Randolph, University of Maine, Augusta
Lauren Kerr, Farmington, Colby College
Levin Leavitt, Winthrop, University of Maine, Orono
Minna Mathiasson, Canaan, University of Maine, Orono
William L. Olson, Vinalhaven, Maine Maritime Academy
Sara Pomeroy, Winterport, University of Maine, Orono
Hannah Young, Brunswick, Bowdoin College

Edith Kershner, Stockton Springs, University of Maine, Orono
Jenna King, Old Town, Maine Maritime Academy
Morgan Brockington, Saco, University of Maine, Orono
Dale Quimby, Sedgwick, College of the Atlantic
Jeffrey Lees, Farmington, University of Maine, Farmington
Alden West, Liberty, University of Maine, Orono
Alise Rebecca Ranalli, Bike Lake Township, University of Maine, Orono
Christian LaRochelle, Bangor, Bowdoin College
Denise Robbinson, Ripley, University of Maine, Orono

($1,000 each)
James Anderson, Brunswick (Bowdoin College)
Kasmiera M. Hughes, Richmond (University of Maine, Orono)
Andrea LaFlamme, Corinth (University of Maine, Orono)
Zachary MacKlin, Augusta (University of Maine, Orono)
Nile McGhee, Cutler (University of Maine, Orono)
Katherine Nadeau, Glenburn (University of Maine, Orono)
Kimberly A. Watts, Tenants Harbor (Maine Maritime Academy)

($1,500 each)
Ryan Guillemette, Sanford, University of Maine
Trent D. Quimby, Sedgwick, Maine Maritime Academy
Emilynne P. Bell, Biddeford, University of New England
Brock Bradford, Brewer, Husson College
Jenna Cheney, Searsport, Husson College
Taryn J. Flagg, Livermore Falls, University of New England
Kasmiera M. Hughes, Richmond, University of Maine
Sara Martin, Exeter, University of Maine
Helen Pottle, Perry, University of Maine
Paul Savoy, Sullivan, University of Maine
Marie Lynn Smith, University of Maine
Cassie Vaillancourt, Fort Kent, University of Maine at Fort Kent

Alexandra Albert, Eagle Lake, University of Maine, Orono
Dustin Hilt, Thomaston, Colby College
Helen Mattsson, Scarborough, University of Maine, Orono
Jessica Sirois, East Waterboro, University of Maine, Orono
David Welch, Lewiston, University of Maine, Orono
Sarah Whitfield, Wiscasset, Colby College
Heather Martin, Richmond, University of Maine, Orono
Spenser Perry, Ashland, University of Maine, Orono
Leah Russakoff, Skowhegan, University of Southern Maine, Portland
Patricia-Ruth Atchison, Orono, University of Maine, Orono
Rica Breton, Greenville, University of Maine, Orono
Kevin Bui, Auburn, University of Southern Maine, Portland
Zachary Dionne, Benton, University of Maine, Orono
Kathryn Gould, Bangor, University of Maine at Farmington
Emily Little, Mount Desert Island, University of Maine, Orono
Michelle Martin, Patten, University of Maine, Orono

($2,000 each)
Rebecca Anderson, Kennebunk, Colby College
Bridget R. Dow, Bangor, Husson College
Lindsey A. Roth, Saco, Saint Joseph's College
Renee Trafton, Corinth, University of Maine, Farmington
Erin Wilkinson, Dayton, University of Maine, Orono
Aisha Woodward, Sedgwick, Bowdoin College
($1,000 each)
Jennifer Anderson, Kennebunk, Colby College
Sarah Gamble, Bethel, University of Maine, Orono
Henry Nicholas, Penobscot, Husson College
David P. Rudolph, Sullivan, University of Maine, Presque Isle
Travis Wallace, Crawford, Maine Maritime Academy

($2,000 each)
Mariya Barankevich, Windham (St. Joseph's College)
Richard Collenburg, Eddington (Maine Maritime Academy)
Elizabeth Ferguson, Whitefield (University of Southern Maine)
Caitlin Howell, Oxford (University of Maine)
Matthieu Larochelle, Bangor (Bowdoin College)
Brandon Libby, Brewer (University of Maine)
Mikaela Martin, South Portland (University of Maine)

($2,000 each)
Kathleen Sirois, Ellsworth (St. Joseph's College)
Ryan Middleswart, Searsport (University of Maine)
($1,500 each)
Sandy Beauregard, Rangeley (Colby College)
Mark Martin, Potter (University of Maine)
Jessica Varnum, Presque Isle (Colby College)
($1,000 each)
Lindsey Adams, Jay (University of Maine)
Joel Wessel, Blue Hill (University of Maine)
Austin Leackfeldt, Harrington (Maine Maritime Academy)
Lauren Withey, West Rockport (Bowdoin College)
Jared Whinery, North Hampden (University of Maine)

($2,000 each)
Elizabeth Jarrell, Belfast (Univ. of Maine Orono)
Jody Lewia, Levant (Univ. of Maine Orono)
($1,500 each)
Katherine Holzinger, Gardiner (Univ. of Maine Orono)
Kipp Quinby, Sedgwick (College of the Atlantic)
($1,000 each)
Michelle Jordan, Caribou (St. Joseph's College)
Michael Chasse, Presque Isle (Univ. of Maine Orono)
Donald Curtis, Veazie (Univ. of Maine Orono)
Elizabeth Howard, Washburn (Bates College)
Deirdre McCormick, Dexter (Thomas College)
Abigail Robinson, Sebec (Univ. of Maine Orono)

($1,000 each)
Justin Juskewitch, Norridgewock (Colby College)
Heather Bard, Wallagrass (Univ. of Maine Fort Kent)
James R.G. Curtis, Bucksport (Maine Maritime Academy)
Joseph S. Tuell, East Machias (Univ. of Maine Machias)
Jessica Bishop, Veazie (Univ. of Maine Orono)
Erin E. McCormick, Blue Hill (Univ. of Maine Orono)
Alana Megan Burns, Union (Bates College)
Jessica Norton, Windsor (Husson College)
Caileen M. Nutter, North Berwick (Univ. of Maine Orono)

($1,000 each)
Ian Chittenden, Blue Hill Falls (Univ. of Maine Orono)
Joshua L. Cincotta, Biddeford (Univ. of Maine Orono)
Maria Grant, Presque Isle (Univ. of Maine)
Jason Anderson, Lamoine (Univ. of Maine Orono)
Jasper Hotchkiss, Harborside (Eastern Me. Tech College)
William Hotchkiss, Harborside (Univ. of Maine Orono)
Sharon Hall, Oakland (Univ. of Maine Fort Kent)
Aimee Courchesne, Lewiston (Univ. of Maine Orono)
Erika Hale, Westmanland (Univ. of Maine Farmington)
Lucas R. Levesque, Fort Kent (Thomas College)

($1,000 each)
Melissa Bresett, Van Buren (Univ. of Maine Ft. Kent)
Cassandra R. Haynes, Lincoln (Univ. of Maine)
Lindsay Beth Carter, Vinalhaven (Univ. of Maine)
Sara Hurd, Bar Harbor (Univ. of Maine)

($1,000 each)
Charis F. Campbell, Hollis (Bates College)
Sarah E. Drury, Canton (Univ. of Southern Maine)
Amanda A. Meader, Fairfield (Bates College)

($1,000 each)
Vivian Beer, Ellsworth (Maine College of Art)
Kevin J. Haskins, Brunswick (Bowdoin College)

($1,000 each)
Amanda J. Tarr, Caribou (St. Joseph's College)
Kerri L. Parson, Windham (Univ. of Maine Farmington)

($1,000 each)
Scott Logan, Kennebunk (Bowdoin College)
Christie Boutaugh, Millinocket (St. Joseph's College)
Kelli Olson, Windham (Univ. of Maine Farmington)

($1,000 each)
Donna M. Courture, West Gardiner (Maine Maritime Academy)
Jill M. Delaite, West Enfield (Husson College)

($1,000 each)
Lisa Lyons, East Machias (Husson College)
Vincent J. Kloskowski, East Brownfield (St. Joseph's College)

Melinda Hills, Winterport (Husson College)

Ruth Quirino, Pattern (Univ. of Maine)

Christine Greenlaw, Sherman Mills (Univ. of Maine)