Annual Membership Dues (From January 1 through December 31 of each year)

Active Membership $15/$20 
Associate Membership $15/$20
Organizational Membership: $15  

Note: For new members who join between June 1 & September 30 ; dues are one-half the annual amount.  After September 30, new members pay the full annual dues amount which also covers the following calendar year.

Member renewal:

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As stated in our bylaws:

SEC. 2. Member. A person meeting one or more of the following requirements is eligible:

a. The person was born in Maine, is a legal resident of Maine, at some point in the past has been a legal resident of Maine for four or more years, is descended from a person who was  born in or is or has been a legal resident of Maine for four or more years, or who, at the time of applying for Society membership, owns real property in Maine.

b. The person is a -staff member in a Maine Congressional Mernber’s office, a Presidential appointee, a staff member in a governmental department, agency, commission, board,  corporation or other entity, or a director, ofñcer or staff member of a company, corporation,  association, institution or other organizational entity, and who has expressed an interest in Maine or the Society; or,

c. The person does not meet the requirements in paragraphs a. or b. of this section but has established himself/herself as a “Friend of Maine.”

SEC. 3. Organizational Member. Any recognized business, corporation, company, other  commercial industrial enterprise; any association or institution; any governmental department,  agency, commission, board, corporation or other entity; or any charitable, educational, cultural, historical, civic, patriotic or other entity will be eligible for .organizational membership if their interests Iand objectives are congruent with .the Society's and after furnishing information to the board, if required, concerning the entity’s relationship to or interest Iin the State of Maine or the Society.

SEC. 4. Honorary Member. A person, or an organization described in Section 3 of this Article, having established a record of sustained superior service, outstanding contributions to or unparalleled involvement in the affairs of the State of Maine, the Nation, or the Society will be eligible for an active Society member to nominate him, her, or the organization for an honorary  membership. Honorary memberships require unanimous Vote of the Membership Committee at the time of nomination. The Honorary Member designation will be for life or for the  organizational entity’s existence unless terminated for cause or mutual consent.